well whoever it is is going to be criminal by definition... since the neighbourhood is basically excluded from the functions of the regular economy... so the money that comes in is going to be in the most part from criminal activities
not that they will nessicarrilly be depicted... they can happen elseware
i.e. robbing largely automated warehouses etc

only one of them is going to play a significant role in the story, whichever one i end up going with... potentially one of the others might turn up as someone an individual business in the neighbourhood is having dealing with... presenting a threat to whoever is in charge
i'll need to decide what one though

there's an arguement for each... 

re: the theme, my theory is the power of the monarch can never be secure in a world where usury is legitimised. there are too many random/risk factors in "investment" or money lending, to ever make any actor both perpetually on top and untouchable to anyone else in the market... and banks are the most untouchable manifestation of this...
it's hard to see any of these monarchist neoreactionaries ever toching the banks if they could ever get power
someone with alot of concentrated political power could raid the banks and seize their wealth for their own purposes... but it's a temporary thing as long as money lending exists...
becuase sooner or later the people who are going to have the ear of the king will be the guys with the money to lend... and they'll agitate to open up markets

it's why fascism is destined to end up like spain is now
i.e. not meaningfully diffrent from every other liberal nation state
fascism is just how liberalism prevents socialism from correcting its failures